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Private Finance

When all the banks have said no, and now all the specialist and non-conforming lenders are also struggling to meet your financing requirements. What to do now?

Private Lending may be a viable solution. It is essentially borrowing money from a non-traditional lender, in most instances, a company that has excess cash from its main area of business and is seeking to earn a higher return on its excess funds. It is important to note that private lending is primarily for business purposes as they are classified as unregulated loans. By this, it means it needs to be predominantly for business purposes and under a company name but can be secured on personal property.

Why should I apply for a Private Loan? 

Traditionally private loans are short-term solutions that are based on the value of the property you put as security. Traditionally the financiers will allow any traditional and non-standard loan purpose but of course, they will charge for this service which usually consists of a higher interest rate, larger than normal application fees, and a lenders risk fee.

*Risk Fee:  A risk fee is a fee paid by the customer traditionally on settlement instead of Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

Examples of situations where private finance is necessary:

  • Development Finance

  • Stop Repossession Orders

  • Credit impairment 

  • Unable to provide financials

  • Business Investment

  • Business Purchases 

  • Payout ATO Debts

  • Debt Consolidation

With Private Finance the possibilities are endless and the opportunities are vast​!

Our lending panel is extensive so we are confident we can assist with almost any loan purpose no matter the complexity.

Do you have a default or any credit issues?

If you are in a situation where you have a default, judgment, or a low credit score we can craft a specialized plan for you to receive the loans you need without compromising your financial situation. Contact us today so we can work with you on cleaning your credit!

Our team at Select Financial Services will work with you on developing and structuring a loan proposal to best suit your requirements.

Contact us today to find the Select Difference 

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