I had multiple credit products with one financial institution (Big 4) and additional credit products with multiple institutions.  The ceiling level of my debt had become large through a family home renovation where the bank reneged on a pre-approved mortgage increase post the building works completion, but was willing to provide the nearly $100K in credit products in the interim.  No excuses, but I was working (very hard) to manage my debts.

I lost my multiple income streams through a workplace accident.  Very soon after, any level of financial support dried up and I was soon unable to control the debt levels I had previously managed.

At the time I was referred to Select Finance by a friend I was receiving two phone calls minimum a day and being forced to make growing number of financial commitments on a weekly basis by the institutions.  I had borrowed from family and drawn on all my assets to keep them off my back.  This was even more difficult due to my medical injuries.

I was introduced to Tracey through a meeting with Grant Hosking at Select Finance.  There was no blame to be placed by Grant and Tracey during the initial meetings, only facts and figures to be exchanged.  In the weeks following my first meeting, all the harassing phone calls ceased.  I do not know how many phone calls Tracey was making on my behalf but the constant belittling, trickery and pressure from the institutions was removed.  Even the daily mail from the institution stopped.

A time came in the next few months, when I felt less guilty to pay for my family's basic needs and parts of my medical care without reneging on any one of the agreements that the institutions had made on behalf, was calming.


There were times along the way when having these debts (even being managed) hanging over your head, lead to despair and then doubt would creep in as to what may happen over time.  There was always a positive voice on the Select end of the phone call, to explain the current situation, importantly my rights and the process that was ensuing to deal with and relieve the level of debt.

As my injury became permanent and my ability to earn an income was  severely impacted; I provided all the information that was available to me from my medical staff and Government agency's as requested by Tracey until the debt level was ultimately reduced to zero.

I am not yet well but my recovery and family support is not bound by the enforced institutionalised debt system, thanks to Tracey and Select Finance!