Why should you have Insurance?

Insurance protects you and your assets from the financial risk of something going wrong.

If something unexpected does happen that is covered by your policy, it means you won’t have to pay the full cost of a loss.  So if something goes wrong, you’re much less likely to have to raid your savings or your investments, borrow money, ask family or friends for financial help, or sell your assets to pay for repairs, building or outstanding debts.

The areas where we can assist with insurance are as follows:

-          Home and Contents insurance

-          Landlords Insurance

-          Motor Vehicle Insurance

-          Loan protection insurance

Luxury House

Home and Contents

Select Financial Services offers two levels of home and contents insurance cover to protect your assets. Secure Home Extra Insurance can cover your home and contents in the case of insured events such as storms, fire, flood, theft, burglary, vandalism, damage by an animal and more. You can upgrade to Secure Home Elite Insurance to also include accidental damage cover

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