Regain your Financial Freedom

     Struggling with debts and repayments?                                         Been refused finance?

                                         Being hassled by Debt Collection Agencies?                 


If this is you, Select can help. We put our clients and their needs first and are proud of our reputation for truth and transparency, and for the rave reviews we continue to receive from our clients.

Stop the harassing phone calls
No Part IX or Part X Debt Agreements
No minimum debt amount required
Confidential and personalised service

Why Choose Select

Debt negotiation provides you with a realistic avenue to becoming debt free using your own funds or through a refinance loan.  If you are struggling to keep up with repayments, we also offer Debt Management for reduced payments, long term.

So why should you come to Select?

1. No Success = No Fee

3. Finance options available 

2. No minimum debt amount

4. No bankruptcy 


J Webb - Client

“Tracey's knowledge, professionalism and support really separated her from the rest. She worked tirelessly for me to negotiate a significant debt with a bank, whilst ensuring my credit rating and ability to loan in future remains solid.  At no stage did it feel like I was just another client making her business money. She genuinely wanted to help me achieve a positive financial position.”

Adam Bishop - Broker

“I have recommended multiple clients go to Tracey for her guidance and service and have nothing but the highest praise for her work ethic and results. In all cases so far, she has not only made the process simple, but also put the client’s minds at ease with her relaxed, easy going attitude. That on top of her fantastic results in debt negotiation make her my first phone call when I have a client struggling with secured or unsecured debts.”

Fran P - Client

"After dealing with other companies that cost me a fortune,  I was fortunate to find Tracey at Select.  This lady is a straight shooter and knows what she is talking about .

I was in a mess financially, I handed over all my bills and these were put into a workable budget and life has never been better. I would very highly recommend Tracey.  Oh to let you know, she is always contactable which is refreshing."