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Equipment Finance

As your business grows, so does the need to make decisions relating to the financing of plant and equipment. Your decision to either purchase equipment via finance or from available cash flow, will have both tax and cash flow implications for your business.


Deciding on the right equipment finance option for your business or situation can sometimes be confusing; Commercial Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage and Finance Leases are just some of the Commercial financing options available.

  • Commercial Hire Purchase Loans - The finance provider agrees to purchase the equipment on behalf of the business or individual. The business then hires the equipment from the finance provider over an agreed period of time for a fixed monthly repayment

  • Chattel Mortgage for equipment provides the business or operator with ownership of the equipment financed immediately. A Chattel Mortgage occurs where a finance lender provides a loan or finance facility for the purchase of equipment that is for business use

  • Plant or Equipment Lease is a commercial loan, so the equipment leased will be for commercial use. The finance provider will purchase the equipment on your behalf and you will then rent or lease it back from them 

Select Financial Services can assist with your decision making and ensure that securing finance for your business needs, is a manageable and simple process.  We can finance many different types of equipment including forklifts, earth-moving equipment and other major machinery, in a fast and efficient manner, to ensure your business can keep growing.

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