Development and Construction Finance

Here at Select we understand the headaches associated with development and construction loans, and the products being offered in the market.

Development Finance

Development finance is for the construction of retail, industrial, commercial offices or residential property.

  • Access to multiple development finance lenders

  • Experienced experts in facilitating and structuring development finance

  • Cost and value based solutions available

  • Mezzanine finance options

  • Full doc and lo doc finance options

  • Land only loans available

  • Short term funding available

With the bank’s lending criteria ever changing in the industry, we have selected products that are popular with PAYG or self-employed borrowers looking to construct a home to live in, use as an investment or commercial development finance which may suit borrowers looking to complete development projects with or without the use of pre-sales required.

Construction Loans

This provides funding at various stages of development. Construction loans can enable you to build on land you already own or can be incorporated into a house and land package where it is handled all within one contract.