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"Take control - being financially healthy is planning for a full life"

About Us

We are not owned or managed by a bank

We are totally independent and have access to one of the largest ranges of lenders and loan products in the industry.

Our dedicated team of finance brokers and debt negotiators, work together to deliver you tailored solutions to achieve the financial freedom and success you desire.

Our loans and finance team work tirelessly with multiple to make it easy for you.  Our brokers choose to give options based on what will work for your situation, rather than pushing specific loan products.


Our debt negotiators reduce any unsecured and/or ATO debt to make the unserviceable serviceable, with great success.


Our accounting team deliver strategic business, structuring, taxation and superannuation advice to help you grow your wealth, investment portfolio or business.


We will provide complete disclosure with a written quotation clearly outlining any fees and commissions paid to financial institutions.

Make it easy

We do most of the legwork for you.

We understand that our clients are busy, so our dedicated professionals will meet with you at your home, or at our office, at a time that best suits you. 

The truth about Debt Negotiation


Anyone who spends much time learning about debt relief options eventually hears debt settlement horror stories. Unfortunately, some of the less-than-ethical debt settlement companies have no problem lying to consumers and taking money without delivering any promised results.  Select is not one of those companies.


The history of Select Debt Negotiation


The foundation of Select dates back to 2014 when co-founders Grant and Conor Hosking launched their first office in Springvale and then expanded with an office now in Bendigo. It soon became apparent that clients needed to address their high debt balances before Select could put together a loan application.


Seeking a solution, Grant established the Debt Negotiation arm of the business. As time went on, more and more clients needed debt relief help, as did clients of other Brokers.  Select Debt Negotiation is now fully established and has assisted 100s of people save thousands helping them to get their lives back on track with one manageable repayment each month.



And Many More...


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